Korean Yuja Tea

안녕 친구들~ I’m not a huge tea fan, to me it often just tastes like warm water with a hint of flavouring, but tea is healthy and I want to start drinking more tea. This Korean Yuja tea however, is so yummy! Yuja Cha (유자차) is a traditional Korean tea made from Yuja Cheong (유자청) … More Korean Yuja Tea

The Face Shop Dol Hareubang Hand Cream

Hello everybody! 안녕하세요여러분! About two and a half months ago I was in Korea, studying Korean at Kyungpook National University and visiting almost every place and city in Korea with my lovely boyfriend. He’s Korean so it was really easy getting around, shopping, eating, etc. and he knew a bunch of beautiful and fun places to … More The Face Shop Dol Hareubang Hand Cream