Using Korean Every Single Day

As any language learner knows the best way to become fluent in a new language is to use it every single day.

A lot of people say you should be immersed in the language you’re learning to really understand and become fluent in the language.

But that’s not really easy for a lot people.

I studied Korean for a year before I eventually ended up living in Korea and being immersed in the language and culture for four months.

I mainly used Talk To Me In Korean to study but decided that I needed some Korean friends to speak to.


So I downloaded the App, Hello Talk, a language learning app that connects you and native speakers of Korean, you help them learn English and they help you learn Korean (or any other language you’re learning or are the native speaker of).

It’s a win win situation.

(You should be careful though. Some people won’t actively help you learn Korean, they may only speak English just because they really want to learn it. Also some people use the app for other reasons that are not exactly language learning related… so just keep that in mind and be wary of who you’re talking to. Not everyone is like that but some people are)

I talked to lots of people and even met three people (whom I talked to for weeks and face timed as well before meeting) outside of the app.

(Again if you do that always always always be wary and cautious just in case~)

One of those three people was my seoulmate (aka my boyfriend). We went to the same college and decided to meet up.

Neither of us were looking to start a relationship at first, it was simply language learning but after a while it kind of just happened.

He’s actually the reason I had the opportunity to go to Korea.

But anyways, after we met and became friends (and started dating) we started speaking in both Korean and English.

This really helps both of us continue to learn every single day.

We ask each other questions, ask each other to fix our sentences, and even teach each other things we may not have known about our different cultures.

Connecting with Korean speakers via Hello Talk, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other app you use that you could potentially make Korean friends on, is an amazing way to practice Korean speaking.

In Korea, I also studied Korean at a University which helped immensely.

Now after coming back home I continue to watch Korean dramas to passively learn every day, studying via Talk to me in Korean every day, and read Korean books or articles every single day.

Of course, you don’t have to practice every day, you can do it twice a week, once a week, once every two weeks, or whenever you can.

It all depends on your schedule and when you feel motivated to study.

Other apps to help you learn:





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