Korean Yuja Tea

안녕 친구들~

I’m not a huge tea fan, to me it often just tastes like warm water with a hint of flavouring, but tea is healthy and I want to start drinking more tea.

This Korean Yuja tea however, is so yummy!


Yuja Cha (유자차) is a traditional Korean tea made from Yuja Cheong (유자청) which is a type of marmalade that can be used as tea or even jam.

Yuja (유자) is a citrus fruit that’s similar ish to citron, lemon, and limes but nonetheless yuja (유자) is still a completely different citrus fruit.

In English, it’s usually translated to “citron tea” or “honey citron tea”.


Yuja Cha (유자차) is commonly drank when someone is sick as it’s supposed to, or thought to, relieve some of the symptoms of the flu, headaches and other illness.

My seoulmate (aka my boyfriend) said, “it doesn’t relieve symptoms all of the time, only sometimes. People just drink it for fun,” so whether it’s really effective or not who knows haha.

But it is delicious! I’m a fan of lemony citrusy flavours so this tea is perfect for me and maybe you too if you’re also a fan lemony citrusy flavours!




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