Review: lookATME Mud Face Mask

안녕 친구들~

Today I will be reviewing a product that is kind of interesting. It’s a mud face mask from Forever 21… yes Forever 21.

The CEO of Forever 21 is Korean-American so it makes sense that they would want to incorporate Korean culture into the clothes and other products they sell.

I saw this face mask and decided to give it a try. I’d never heard of the brand but hey, it’s made in Korea and it wasn’t too expensive so why not?

IMG_7557 (1)

I tired two kinds, the lotus mud mask and the green tea mud mask and I didn’t really notice a huge difference between the two except maybe a subtly different scent.

The lotus mud mask is supposed to:

♥ hydrate and remove dirt from your skin

♥ promote radiant and youthful skin

The masks aren’t too bad, my face did feel smooth and soft after and there was no uncomfortable tightening or stinging.

I would definitely rather use different masks that are from the more popular brands simply because I’ve heard more about them, I can find it on 화해 (Hwahae) an ingredient checking app, and I can find other reviews and decide based on what others have said.

But I don’t mind using these, they’re decent enough and my face does feel fresh after using, the smell isn’t too strong, and like I said before my face feels smooth and soft.

This product is good for when you’ve run out of your favourite Korean mud masks and you’re waiting for you new shipment of products to come in, waiting to buy more, or even don’t want to spend the money on shipments from Korea but still want Korean products.


In case you’re wondering, these are the ingredients:

Lotus Mud Face Mask
Green Tea Mud Face Mask

Final Thoughts

Would I buy this again? Maybe, I like the way my face feels after using it and I like the thought of using a mask that has lotus extract in it (because lotus flowers are pretty) but I think I would prefer buying ones from Korea because those one’s I can search and make sure they actually do what they say they do before spending money on it.


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