3 Adorable Cafes in Jeju Island

Cafes are very popular in Korea so it makes sense that there are tons of beautiful cafes scattered around Jeju Island. What’s a better way to relax then to drink lattes on the shore of a beautiful ocean? Since there are many cafes and you don’t necessarily want to fill your time hopping from one cafe to the next and filling yourself to the brim with coffee, I’ll start out slow and introduce you to three cafes I think are absolutely adorable and tasty!


1. Bomnal Cafe
Bomnal Cafe and Guesthouse is a cute, quaint cafe that is located right in front of Handam Beach. Here you can sit back, relax and cuddle up to your loved one, and sip your iced latte all while basking in the gorgeous view of the ocean.
This cafe is so adorable! Bomnal has a lot of different buildings and rooms, all which are styled differently but fashionably. They also have outdoor sitting which is where the prime view of the ocean is. So when it’s really busy there are still quite a few places to sit or just roam around and, of course, take lots of pictures! And what’s more to love then four corgis waiting to greet you right after you walk in the front entrance?



At Bomnal you have to order your coffee via a little window BEFORE you enter the cafe but after you get your drinks you can go in and explore.
The cafe is also beside Cafe Monstant de Aewol by G-Dragon, which is also REALLY popular, so if you’re a fan of G-Dragon make sure to stop by there as well.
(These are some pictures from Cafe Monstant de Aewol by G-Dragon)
(the whole wall is made of giant windows!)
But since we only peaked  inside of Cafe Monstant de Aewol I won’t be adding it to this list, but I added some pictures just in case you were curious (hence why there weren’t that many pictures we took).
2. Maggie Cafe
Maggie Cafe is a very small, hard-to-find cafe located in Hallim-eub, Jeju Island. This cafe was also featured in a drama (actually two dramas to be exact).
This cafe appears in One Sunny Day, a really heartwarming web-drama starring my all time favourite actor So Ji Sub (I definitely recommend watching this drama, it’s so cute~), and also in Warm and Cozy AGAIN, the cafe in Warm and Cozy just so happens to be owned by So Ji Subs character…. have you sensed a pattern yet?
So yes the main reason why I really, really wanted to go to this cafe was because it seemed like a nice, quiet place to enjoy an iced latter but ALSO because So Ji Sub appeared in this cafe TWICE.
The owners of this cafe were so sweet and kind, we talked to the women who, by the way, will speak some English if you don’t know how to speak Korean, and we asked them about So Ji Sub and filming inside their cafe.
We had a long-ish conversation about filming and about how kind So Ji Sub was to them. Apparently he loved the cafe so much when he first came for One Sunny Day and when he got the part in Warm and Cozy as a cafe owner he mentioned the location to the director and both decided it was THE perfect place.
The locals who go there really enjoy the cafe, it’s got an amazing view and it’s hidden away from all the hustle and bustle of Jeju Island so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to go to more of the “touristy” places Jeju has to offer. The owner actually said that SOME people come for So Ji Sub but usually it’s just locals who live around the area.
The beverages offered at Maggie Cafe are also really yummy! I’ve heard that they make delicious hot chocolate but unfortunately I didn’t try that. My boyfriend had an special blend created by Maggie Cafe and he said it was pretty good.
3. Molmanong
Molmanong is a really nice, cafe, I think it’s popular with tourists but I’m not 100% sure of that. My boyfriends sister recommended this cafe to us because she really liked it and thought it was a great place to relax and drink yummy coffee. Molmanong is actually also a Guesthouse just like Bomnal. Guesthouses are quite common in Korea.
Molmanong is located in Seogwipo Jeju Island and, like many cafes, this one also has a very pretty view (the photo above doesn’t really do it justice, it was cloudy that day)! My boyfriend and I sat here probably for an hour just sipping our coffees, petting their cute doggy, and staring at the view. The cafe has a lot of outside seats too which is great for the spring or summer. The chairs we sat on were similar to a beany bag chair, which I absolutely loved, but they also have some different options if you’d rather not sit close to the ground. The coffee also tasted pretty good, I enjoyed it. It was definitely a place I would go to again.
These are only SOME of the cafes we went to. Like I said before Jeju Island is FULL of cafes but these were the ones that I thought were the cutest and most relaxing ones, although Bomnal was quite busy it still had a great view, good coffee, and the sound of the ocean literally right in front of our seat made me forget about how busy it was.
Leave your thoughts below! Have you ever been to Jeju or these cafes? Do you want to go to Jeju? Let me know~

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