The Face Shop Dol Hareubang Hand Cream

Hello everybody! 안녕하세요여러분!

About two and a half months ago I was in Korea, studying Korean at Kyungpook National University and visiting almost every place and city in Korea with my lovely boyfriend. He’s Korean so it was really easy getting around, shopping, eating, etc. and he knew a bunch of beautiful and fun places to go. We honestly had a blast in Korea and I cannot wait to go back with him sometime in the near future! 난 진짜 한국에 들어가고 싶어요! 한국이 너무 사랑스럽고 좋고 아름답고 재밌어요~

The place I wanted to see the most was the famous, beautiful, relaxing, Jeju-Do (or Jeju Island)! Jeju-Do is my favourite place in the entire world! It was so so beautiful and relaxing! I love all of Korea but since I come from a small town the hustle and bustle of Korea was sometimes a bit much for me, so going to Jeju-Do really allowed me to escape and relax.

While I was in Jeju-Do I bought a LOT of souvenirs but for this post I just wanted to mention one (or two) in particular because it’s really cute.


 The Face Shop’s Jeju-Do Dol Hareubang hand cream. Isn’t it so adorable?!

One is 귤 (Gyul) scented (the orange one). 귤 is a citrus fruit (similar to a clementine or Mandarin) native to Jeju-Do.

The purple one is Prickly Pear Cactus scented. Both of the hand creams smell so lovely and fruity but the scent isn’t too strong.

They come in an adorable 돌 하르방 (Dol Hareubang) container. If you don’t know what Dol Hareubang is, it’s a rock statue popular in Jeju-Do.


The 돌 하르방 acted/acts as a guardian for the residents of Jeju-Do. Also, if people expecting children rub the Dol Hareubang’s big nose it is said that their baby will be a boy.

Back to the hand cream. The hand cream is nice, it definitely moisturizes my hands but I feel like I need to use a lot of the product to spread it evenly.




I was going to make this a review but the reason I didn’t is simply because you can only buy this product at the Jeju-Do airport and I figured not many people would read a review for something that can’t easily be purchased.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post! Have you ever been to Jeju Island or are you planning to go? Has anybody ever bought this product before? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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