Hi everyone! 안녕하세요! 

 Hello! 안녕하세요

     About 2 years ago I leaped into the world of Korean Culture and found myself never wanting to escape. I’ve always had an interest in Korea and other Asian cultures ever since I was about knee high.

However, it wasn’t until I blossomed into a young women (and saw a Korean movie for the first time) that I realized just how beautiful, amazing, and lovely South Korea truly is.

Now, I’m a firm believer in Korean skincare and beauty. A country that emphasizes beauty, perfect skin, and always looking your best definitely has to make unbelievable skincare and beauty products, which I think South Korea does.

On this site I will be reviewing products I try to let you know what I thought of them and possibly ~ hopefully ~ help you decide which products work for you!

잠깐만요! Wait! 

That’s not the only thing! I will also be posting some other things about Korea. Things like Drama reviews or popular dramas, the culture or food, and maybe even some Korean lessons here and there!

^.^ I sincerely hope you enjoy the future articles I will write! ^.^


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